Shipping and taxes


The shipping process can be divided into two sections. The first after the order is made we have to wait for the manufacturer to handle this and ship it. After this it is the sending of the product to you.

We ship to most of the world, and shipping times vary quite a lot. Also the prices for shipping vary depending on destination. We absorb these shipping costs, but in certain cases it might be too expensive for us to absorb the cost. In these cases you will receive an e-mail from us informing you of the extra cost should you wish to continue receive the product. If you chose not to receive it, we will refund straight away. 

We provide tracking on all our packages so that it is easier to see where your product is at any given time. We will provide the tracking code and where to track as soon as the product is sent form the manufacturer. This is a little more expensive for us, but better for you and us. 

We try our best to keep our delivery time within 35 business days, but certain products and or countries can take longer time. We will write you an e-mail if we suspect the shipping time will surpass 35 business days, and give you a 50 % refund. This offer does not apply during Chinese holidays etc. This will be announced in the top bar on our site. 



We would like to make you aware that we are not responsible for any VAT or Customs charges that may occur on your package from us, which you have to pay in your country. We send to more than 200 countries , and keeping track of all the legal aspects in each country would be too much for us. We hope you understand and check before you buy.